Joe Bethancourt
Emily the Brontosaurus
and a bunch of fretted instruments

With a Special Appearance by
Harold The Wonder Hamster

White Tree Productions

J. Bethancourt


Hamster Trainer: Cherie Bethancourt
Penguin Herdboy: Dippy Yehudah
Set Design: Dingo & Zoot
Key Grip: Herminone Zigafuss
Best Boy: Seosaidh Wulfnasel
Best Girl: Bridget "Vanilla" Malone
Best Hamster: Snootie
Best (and only) Queen of the Universe: The Queen Of The Universe
Best Recording Guy: Dennis Putcher
Makeup: Winston & Piglet
Special Effects: J. Bethancourt
Hokey Celtic Twilight: W. B. Yeats
Hamster Makeup: The St. Gofish School for Girls
SpelCheking: Molesworth 1
Møøse provided by: Fardel Lemmenkainen
Weasel Trainer: Preston Miller
Site Security: Sam Hane Detective Agency©
Catering: Ghengis Khan Mongolian Take-Out

Webbed entirely on location in Phoenix Arizona
No electrons were harmed in the making of this web page, and recycled electrons were used exclusively
Squid sequence filmed at the Phoenix Squid Farm.

© copyright 2000 W J Bethancourt III All Rights Reserved This Means You

Special Thanks To:
Dan and Barb Glenn, Dolan Ellis, Larry Niven, Mischa the Hairy Football, Jim Pipkin, True West Magazine, The Sisters of Mercy: Paula and Lily, "Don't Squeeze The" Charmaine, Llyan, Gold Tone Banjos, Mary K. Care, Ed "the Wonder Horse" Hirt, Clint and everyone at Boogie Music here in Phoenix, the Ice House, Bad News Travels, The Fabulous Nerf Sisters, Terry Buyers, Coral the Goofy Greyhound, Aleta Jackson, Chaton Recordings, Pete and Mike Seeger, Celia, Tom Holt, Al Martell, Brent the fix-it guy at Boogie Music, Jim Conner, The Baboquivari, Bob Coward, "Big Ed" & Phyllis, Big Jim Griffith, John McEuen, Amy The Mastodon Killing Italian Greyhound, Beautiful Margaret and Kristoph Klover, Charlie Atwood, Scott Merritt, the folks on CAS-L, damn near everybody in the Dark Horde, Anne Owens, John and Mary Creasey, Don Cook, the Inner Ear, Ransom The Handsome Greyhound, Carl Raymond, Michi & Vash & Nikki & Teal & Byron, The Original Accept No Substitutes Freya the Cat, Mike Reynolds, "Sleepy" Vic, Tandy and Mike Winstead and the girls, Martin Guitars, Taylor Guitars, everybody on alt.banjo, everybody on Banjo-L, Mrs. Gumby's Lemon Curry, Phil Whitehawk, Don Pogrant, Scott Sweebe, "Legs McGurk" (you know who you are!), Kim Kruglick, Eric Gerds, Randall Garrett, Brian McCrary, Dick Wodrich, the Minus ONE, Phillip Dorn, John Parziale, Mike Roca, Sandy Ross, Steve and Louise Perrin, John Denver, Rick Felix, Clyde Thomas, the Arizona Irish Music Society, Funny Fellows Sandwich Joynt, Rowan Moonstone, Bjo and John Trimble, Seanna the Wonder Wolfhound, David Ferretta, Carl Johnoff, Emilie "Rainbow" Touraine, Garry Siler, John W. Campbell, Toad Hall, Dick "the Nose" Charland, Mike Morris, Flo the Greyhound, Lissa "Winks" Barbour, Gary Kieft and his family, John Harvey, Rodrick the Evil Pirate, Mike and Susan Farrell, Eileen Phillips, the Tucson and Prescott (Arizona) Folk Shops, Diana Wheelock, Mitch Rae, Diana Paxton, Ziggie's Music, Chuck Cellino, Yannis Bouzouki, Kihe Blackeagle, Alys Paule, the Sharlott Hall Museum and Warren Miller, Kay and Ike Dewey, Trude and Sam Duckworth, Garland Green, John McEwen, Jose Ortega, Jack Seyffer, Chris Gillman, Dragon, V. David Smith, Ted Myrick, Ceilidh the Goofier Greyhound, Ann Perez, Robert Heinlein, Falach the Wonder Whippet, Bascom Lamar Lunsford, the Euthanasia, Preston the Wierdest Man In The World, John Harvey, Kay Shapero, Tammy Klein, Hillary and Tuck, The Irish Rovers, Gruhn Guitars, Erica "The Filk Goddess" Neeley, Wallace and Ladmo and Pat, Todd Hallowell, Doug Haywood, Pat Cucurello, Bill McCurtis, Little Dickie Dover, Mary McCarthy, The Troubador, "Sunshine Girl", Sebastian the Exploding Cat, Sam Lowe, Brooks Thomas, Svea Wartooth, Joyce the Vet, Cip, Todric, That Girl With The Beautiful Eyes, Don and Arlene Davis, Coleen Parker, Jack Davis, Doug Dillard, Cat Faber, Terry Seago, Mike Longworth, Steve Panetti, Ian MacPherson, Mike Pindar, everybody at NorWesCon, Bob Duncan, The Blue Goat Pub, Bob and Ellen Watters, C.J., Suki Morrow, Bill Leverton, Bedlam Bells Morris, The Single Action Shooting Society, J.D. "Tiny" Richards, KCAC/KDKB, Travis Edmundson, Phil Lucas, Jamie Howard, John Cook, Ozzie, Marc and Janet Hart, Sandy Lovejoy, "Sleepy" John Davis, Tom Smith, Believe it or not Jimi Hendrix, CC the Christmas Cat, OC the Orange Cat, Ronna Hodges, Brandi Gonzales, Tom and Marie Teven, Rowanhold, the Lumber Mill, Carole Cannon, Miguel Bernal, Kent Florian, Carole Ann Baekey, Rumble who is THAT kind of Cat, Manly Wade Wellman, Gwyddion Penderwyn, the National Rifle Association, Rick Cook, The Mews, the Zorn brothers, Leslie Fish, the Simon Sisters, Emily the Brontosaurus, Bill Compton, Sandy Redlingshafer wherever you are, Don Lynch, Ruby Dominguez, Bob Asprin, everyone at Elderly Instruments, Mickey at Lark In The Morning, the 9th Memorial Cavalry, Gary Lowe and the folks at NoteWorks Music here in Phoenix, Kirby and Laurie Wise, everybody at Fiddler's Dream Coffeehouse, Faithful Roadies "Dusty" Rhoades and Andra Barrow, and most of all to my Sweet Long-Suffering Wife Cher, and The Kids: Sharon, Jeremy, Phillip and Jerry .... and my wonderful grandkids Rocco, Mackinzie, Rachael, Bella, Patricia and WJ the V .... who have put up with me and the stupid banjos for so long .... and many, many others too numerous to list .... and to Bill W.

And thanks to Col. and Mrs. W. J. Bethancourt Jr., who made it all possible.

Too many of these people (and too many of these places) are no longer with us, but they touched my life in many wonderful ways.

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No squids were harmed in the creation of this webpage, tho the little yappy dog next door is living on borrowed time.