Young Folks Old Folks or The Sunday School Song

also known as: The Darkie Sunday School or
The Baptist Sunday School or
Walking In The Parlor

Children, avoid the Evils of Banjo Playing

This is one of my favorite songs. I remember my grandfather and father singing it, and hearing it off and on thru the years. Recently, I came into possession of an old songbook from the late 1920's that had quite a lot of verses for the silly thing in it, with even some pencilled in additions (!), so I decided to compile those verses I already had with those from the songbook and stick 'em out here for everybody to enjoy.

June 14, 1999: I found more verses yet for the silly thing! These seem to be circa 1930 - 1950 from the slang used, and some of them are slightly sex-oriented (but not offensive, I hope).

December 15, 2008: More verses added!

I have included variant verses where they differed from each other more than just one line. Where the variant was only one line, I placed the variant following the original line in smaller letters like this.

Remember that the song originally was somewhat denigrating towards minorities. I have kept those references in, for the sake of study, but the modern reader might find them offensive. Rest assured that I do too.

It's a good song anyway, and worth preserving .... and singing.



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